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PR: Feb. 6, 2004
MW SAMARA Launches
MW Sterling


PR: Feb. 6, 2004: MW Samara Launches MW Sterling

February 6, 2004

CONTACT: Robert Ebert
212/ 686-0700 ext. 201


Sterling silver jewelry designer, manufacturer and distributor M.W. Samara, Inc., has launched a line of "better" silver jewelry to be distributed to major retailers throughout this country and abroad.   This new line, branded as MWS, is an addition to Samara’s already-extensive collection of beautiful sterling jewelry available in select retailers worldwide.      

 The company has been in the sterling silver jewelry business since 1972 and has long been known as the pioneer of bridge jewelry in retail department stores as known today.  The new offering is bold in concept, style and design as it incorporates highly polished, organic and sculptural looks, along with oxidized finishes at retail price points between $30.00 and $150.00 US.  This, in itself, is a bold departure from previous bridge price points sold mostly from $10.00 to $30.00 at retail.

 "MWS now gives the retail community the opportunity to raise their average unit retail to a new level, currently not available in these same stores," says Robert Ebert, Executive Vice-President of the company.  "Better silver jewelry at affordable retails has been virtually unavailable up until now but the time is right to expand this segment of the business.  As sterling silver becomes more and more accepted as a precious metal by consumers all over the world, retailers are now devoting more precious real estate than ever to build their silver business.  MWS is another way to make it happen!"

 The Samara showroom and design staff is conveniently located in the heart of midtown Manhattan at 389 5th Avenue.  The product itself is manufactured in factories in the U.S., Thailand, Italy, Mexico and China.  Literally thousands of jewelry artisans are employed in these countries to establish and maintain a global sourcing and production network. 



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